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How do we know what is real? An old question but modern or, at least, it seems to be in the film Matrix by the Wachowski.
First we are going to watch the film, do a small quiz by teams and finally think a little about it.

The Quiz

1.     1.   What is Neo’s real name?

o    John P. Black
o    Timothy J. Washington
o    James L. Burns
o    Thomas A. Anderson
o    Peter N. Fitzgerald

2.       2. What is the name of Morpheus’s ship?

o    Voyager
o    Hammer
o    Nebuchadnezzar
o    Misanthrope
o    Phoenix

3.      3.  By what name are the sentinels more commonly referred to?

o    Bogeys
o    Squiddies
o    Reapers
o    Scanners

4.    4.    The predominantly wardrobe colour in the Matrix is black, which character defies this trend?

  • o    Trinity
  • o    Mouse
  • o    Apoc
  • o    Switch
  • o    Cypher

5.     5.   Which of Morpheus’s crew dies first?

o    ­______________________________________

6.    6.    What is the number of the hotel room Neo runs to after the subway fight?

o    _______________

7.      7.  What is the first martial art form Neo “learns”?

  • o    Karate
  • o    Tai Kwon Do
  • o    Kung Fu
  • o    Ju Juitsu
  • o    Aikido

8.      8.  Neo surprises Cypher while he’s “monitoring the Matrix”. What is he supposedly watching/looking at?

  • o    Baseball
  • o    Agents
  • o    Police activity
  • o    Girls

9.    9.   What profession does Cypher wish to have when he re enters the Matrix?

  • o    Politician
  • o    Agent
  • o    Actor
  • o    Baseball player

1 10.    What animals are shown on the TV in the Oracle’s apartment?

  • o    Dogs
  • o    Birds
  • o    Tigers
  • o    Rabbits
  • o    Mice

11.    11. When taken, which of the pills Morpheus offers allows the recipient to remain inside the Matrix?

  • o    Red
  • o    Blue

1 12.     What popular children’s book is referenced by Morpheus when trying to explain the Matrix to Neo?

  • o    Wizard of Oz
  • o    James and the Giant Peach
  • o    The Cat in the Hat
  • o    Alice in Wonderland
  • o    The Phantom Tollbooth

13.    What is the benefit of the Matrix to the machine race?

  • o    To brainwash humans to fight for them
  • o    To grow humans in fields then use them for slave labor
  • o    To provide a near-unlimited source of fusion energy
  • o    To grow humans then hunt them for sport

1 14.    How many times was Trinity nearly killed in a phone booth?

  • o    None
  • o    One
  • o    Two
  • o    Three

1  15.    What is the theme of this film?

  • o    The rules of gravity can be broken because life is a computer program
  • o    You always have a choice
  • o    Our lives are limited because we don’t know Kung Fu
  • o    Guns. Lots of guns. 


And now, your opinion
1.       What’s the film Matrix about?
2.       What’s the role of the phones in the film?
3.       What’s Matrix?
4.       Make a comparison between Matrix and our daily life
5.       What is the blue and the red pill for?
6.       Which pill would you have taken?
7.       How do you define real?

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