jueves, 14 de abril de 2016

Are we free?

     To Talk about ethic means to assume that we are free to decide how we want to live and how we to act. But this is not an unanimous opinion. There are thinkers who believe that freedon is just an ilusion. We think that we are free becuase we ignore of the reasons of our actions, but the truth is that our behaviour is determined like it happens with the rest of the being of the Universe. Of course, we are a certain kind of being more complex. Threfore, it is more difficult to predict our actions, but it doesn´t mean that we are free. This opinion is called determinism and, as you will see, there are different types, depending on the main reason that is pointed out as cause of our lack of freedon.
   But first of all, let's start with a debate about the topic: Are we free?
   Here there is a vocabulary that can be useful:
determinism: determinismo
cause: causa
luck: suerte
At random/chance: por casualidad
game of chance (lottery)
to choose: elegir
to happen: ocurrir
to avoid: evitar
law: ley
to make a decision
to be programmed (genetically/economically/ mentally)
surronding /eviroment: ambiente
family heritage: herencia familiar
to change
guilt: culpa
to judge

   Here we have a little reflection about this topic made by Ignacio De Arco from 1BS1 (2015/6)
  In my opinion, is being able to choose what we want to do under our physical possibilities without being influenced by anything but your own reason. If we take that as the definition, we aren't free. Most of the time we are being influenced to choose one path or another. Even though we think we are capable of choosing what we want, we are actually choosing what we are meant to choose. Even though I have already stated that we aren't free, I also think that we are responsible of our actions. That's because we, somehow, have some freedom between choosing one thing or another. Picture a cage. We're locked up inside. You can choose what to do inside the cage. Are we free then? No, because you may be free to decide if you want to kill the other birds inside the cage or not but you are still locked up and you don't have as many options as you should.
So, in my opinion, we aren't free as we can't choose everything even though we have freedom of the decision in some ways. But you can't be half-free as you neither can be half-slave. Freedom will be whole or won't be at all.

miércoles, 13 de abril de 2016

We are visited by Ignacio del Arco

   Last Friday, 8th of April, the photographer from Madrid Ignacio del Arco came to our school to talk to the students about photography as a way of critical thinking and about its different usses. Besides, he was so kind that sent us a power point with a brief summary of  his talk

(Here it is Ignacio del Arco among the students from the bilingual courses)

Now it's time for the students to hang around Málaga and show their point of view

 Title: Anti

Description: I took this photo in the gardens nerby the cathedral. We can see two graffitis, one the Anarchist symbol and the other one a Nazarene and prohibition sign. What I like about this graffiti is that I'm not sure whether they were made by the same person or not. Anyway, it has a strong symbolism for me and even more as it's done is such a traditional city such as Malaga. It's like living two different realities in the same place. We still preach and adore something that we don't believe in.

By Nacho del Arco Bonet

 Title: Mainstay of life

This photo is taken in a small street from the city centre of Malaga, behind Picasso Museum. It is an unknown street but with a lot of charm. When I discovered it I saw in it something that attracted my attention.

I have chosen this photo because seeing a narrow and classic street in a modernized world is so strange because only a few sites are preserved as they were in the past. We live in a world blinded by modern things  and we destroy whatever without regard to its historic value.

"Narrow streets, like our minds". The title of this photo represents that in this 'civilized' world our minds are totally controlled and we haven't got judgement to decided by our own thoughts. That is to say our mind is narrow. We accept and take as 'correct'
what we know or what people say that it's correct but we don't investigate if that is really correct or not.
Maybe fear, or maybe laziness?
By Juan Gavilán Fernández

Title: Always be a team player

As you can see in this picture, Ants always work together to collect, find and deliver their food.
This is one of the reasons I picked this picture, as the saying goes "if you work together you'll get further in life" What does this mean?
Well it basically means that its easier to work in a team then trying to achieve everything individually. Not only does it benefit our self but the people which are helping us, and i believe that ants represent this saying in best way possible.
By: Spencer Canon

Title: Flying is in our hands

In this picture we can see a sculpture that it is in the centre of Málaga next to C/Larios. I'm sure that you have seen it before. The sculpture is a pigeon make with the fingers of a human hand and the body of a pigeon.
It is make with steel.

I have choosen this sculpture because It's strange to me that many times we have seen it but we have never thought about the meaning of it.
I think that this sculpture wants to show that humans can be free, but in order to get this freedom we need to talk together and get an undestanding. For that reason the fingers are the wings because a pigeon without wings can't fly, if we don't get this understanding we couldn't get the freedom.

And other meaning that I think that it can show is the armony between humans and nature, because a lot of times we do things that can endanger the nature.
By: Javier Jiménez Almodóvar