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Normally when we talk we make no difference between ethics and moral. However, we have studied that ethics is a branch of philosophy that studies the different  moral codes, their origin , fundaments and it also compares them . Besides, when we talk about ethics it is concerning human behaviors. No other animal can ask themselves what’s  right or wrong or what is desirable to do and that is because the most of their behaviors are instinctive. This is not our case. We are responsible of our actions because we can choose them. In other words, just because we are supposed to be free and aware of what we do, we are responsible of our actions. This happens also in law. Imagine a little two year old child who is playing with his brother  and he gives him some house cleaning spray to drink. As a result of it, he dies; but Is the young brother responsible of the murder?......
The answer is no. Because he isn’t aware of what he is doing.
Imagine now this situation a totally drunk man come home, prepares a baby bottle for his child and, as he is completely drunk and out of his mind, when he washes the baby bottle he leaves a lot of detergent in it. As a result, the child dies. Is this man responsible?
Whatever you answer, the two cases  seem different. In the first one, the child wasn’t aware of what he was doing but neither was his duty to know it and ,  most of all, he couldn’t .  Could we say the same about the second scenario?
We are a kind of animal with very little instinct, we are designed to make choices, so we need a code to guide us. That’s why it is impossible not to be moral.  These moral laws don’t refer to what it is but to what it ought to be, but they are not the only law which tell us what we should do. Legal law does it too. In fact the same action can be judged by law and moral and they can agree or disagree. So we have to differentiate between when we are acting by legal reasons and when we do it by moral principles.
In short,  we can say that  moral law has these characteristics:
1.       The sense of obligation comes from external factors.
2.       Law  applies  to everyone in the community.
3.       That’s why they are public and everybody has the right to know them
4.       The law uses penalties to force people to follow the rules and these penalties are already established and known to the public.
On the contrary moral laws have these characteristics:
1.       The sense of obligation comes from the inner self
2.       The law applies only to the person that believe in it.
3.       They are private, namely , they don’t have to be announced.
4.       The penalties are not established because they depend on the moral of the person who judges them.

Finally we can say that law is in the area of heteronomy  and moral is in the area of autonomy

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